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Logo Design is an art in and of itself. Good logo designers consider the initial logo design brief to be the platform for completing a successful project. It is at the brief and in the initial conceptual stages that most of the thinking, research and ideas are generated and so naturally we place a high level of importance on this with our designers.

Our logo designers are given additional training where necessary on the art of concept based logo design.

Apart from the conceptual stages designers also need to have a clear sense of balance in logo design as too often a logo design can fail due to incorrect weighting.

Finally a great logo designer will know his or her tools inside out and have the required advanced technical capabilities and experience in order to execute those ideas. Typically our logo designers require as a minimum 3 years branding experience. They use advanced Illustrator and Photoshop and have the latest software packages coupled with ultra fast internet to help with research.

All in all Logo Design and branding requires multi talented individuals that truly love their vocation and enjoy both the technical and the creative idea aspects of the role.

Why Logo Design works

A logo is essentially an image, an impression that in the blink of an eye conveys and communicates your business ideals and aspirations.

They say first impressions are the most important in many areas of life such as relationships, job interviews and in business. The same is true for logo design, be that in the form of your business card, your website or the sign on your door. People will and often do make split decisions based on the image you represent.

A logo can represent your company as old and tired, modern and dynamic, trustworthy and stable, fun and playful, sumptuous and rich and so on. One or more of these traits can actually be successfully conveyed by a well thought out logo.

So if your wondering what all the fuss is about, think again, logo design is important to your business and done correctly can set the tone and give your business the right momentum to achieve your goals.

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